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Injury and shoulder dysfunction are not the end of the world. You can fix it!

Here we would like to say a huge congratulations to our Fitsmile athlete Christine. Struggling for a long time with shoulder dysfunction and range of movement, Christine decided to trust us and do Fitsmile 1-1 Personal Training sessions. Results are unreal and mind-blowing, you can see our progress in the photos below - and they show the change after only 3 sessions.

An here are a few words about Christine and her story:

Christine is an accountant and she spends long hours in front of her desk and computer, she is extremely good at her job. She is really passionate about it and believes that behind the numbers, figures are not only the money but real people. Spending another extra hour to help others is a daily routine for Christine. Also huge trust from her boss that gives her a lot of self-confidence but also massive responsibility and stress on her back.

Christine's job started to put more and more pressure on her body and she didn’t even notice that her left arm stopped functioning properly.

She went for a visit with physiotherapists, massages, dry needling treatment, and a chiropractor sessions but nothing seemed to be helping. It felt a little better every time after visits and then everything was back to the same place as before.

We made decision to take matters into our own hands. As Christine is our triathlon athlete and we know that shoulder dysfunction can be a limitation in her training, speaking directly, the poor mobility in her upper body could and would affect badly her swimming efficiency.

We proposed to Christine the Fitsmile Personal Training session where we did proper biomechanics assessment, body alignment check and we started working on the tight and weak muscles. At that time Christine knew that we are fully qualified Physio and Mobility Personal Trainers.

Assessment results:

We notice that Christine have

- poor mobility in the shoulders, her internal and external rotation were very poor,

- her shoulder and shoulder blade muscles were in spasm, so tight that you could see it in your own eyes without even touching her,

- her Latissimus Dorsi- back muscle was tight

- The front of the shoulder and pectoral muscles were extremely tight and pulling her shoulders forward, so the posture and her breathing were disturbed.

Exercise and treatment:

We worked on relaxing the muscles-trigger points release using the massage ball, exercising with the elastic band, working on stretching, rotation, and movement in her shoulder, we have done strength & stability exercises with the weight and the results you can see with your own eyes in the photos.

Christine continues training with us and does the exercise at home. Looking forward to seeing more and more positive changes and results . Well done Christine, we are so very proud of you!!!

Note from us:

Now, most of us think that lack of mobility, loss of muscle mass is a natural process of aging but here we need to say STOP. It might be a few percent that our genes play a role but the rest is on us.

Sitting work, stationary lifestyle, lack of movement, poor diet and polluted environment that we live in make us unable to do stuff that we want.

So, if you think nothing can be changed, no one can help me: I’m in pain all the time, I have seen so many specialists, I have back problem, shoulder problem, knee problem and can't function normally, think twice.

All the changes in our body can be reversed and our body has amazing capabilities to heal itself. We just need some time, even 5min a day, persistence, belief and a special program with an exercise routine designed to your needs.

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Don’t wait until you will find yourself unhappy, dysfunctional, or on the surgery table. We can help you and give you simple solutions to your problem, all you need to do is make a call or text and arrange a free meeting with us and we go from there.

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