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Pre-race daunting & nerves.

Pre-race daunting & nerves.

It’s one week away from your main race of the season. You know it’s so close you can reach it. Every time you think about it you start to shiver. What is going on?

You are in taper week. Amount of training hours is greatly reduced. You have more time think and more time to….question:

Am I ready? Can I really do it? Maybe I should add some session this week as I feel my fitness is going down? Is there any supplement I can take on race day that will give super power? What if…? Maybe “John” is right and I should change the way I….? STOOOOOP! STOP!

What if I tell you we all go through the same feeling. We all worry and we all would like to do what we can to make things the best we can. No matter if you are an amateur or professional athlete you will worry - because that means you care.

So what can and should we do?

1. Trust the process, you are in a rest period for a reason, adding extra training won’t make you faster but might negatively affect your performance on rest day.

2. Listen to your guts. You practised it all thousand times, you know what’s best for you. Let “John” have his routine but you do yours.

3. It’s not time to try something new, you know what works best for you: breakfast, race nutrition, optimal hydration, pacing. You know it all.

4. Stay in touch with your coach if you have any doubts, respect but don’t fear if you are ready. You are!

5. Control what you can - go through your list again, check if you have it all, start preparing. If there is something you can’t control - just stop, think for a minute and act wisely.

6. Check the weather conditions one day prior to the race to make sure you have adequate gear.

7. Get to know the rules and regulations of the event you are taking part in, know the rules and follow them.

8. Focus on good sleep 8h if you can, healthy nutrition, good hydration and your carb loading if this is what you plan to do.

9. Visualise a great day. You know that head is our leader, what you can see is what you can achieve. Don’t think it’s silly, it's wise and it’s what every successful athlete does. Picture yourself coming strong through that finish line now, what do you feel?

10. On the big day - come early to allow your routine, warm up well and stay in your zone - either listen to your favourite song or just chill, do what you know will set you up for GREAT SUCCESS.

Have an amazing one guys! U ARE READY!!!

Fitsmile Sport & Performance Team

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