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When can I start to call myself “the runner”?

This subject came to our mind just lately…I remember being there too…once when I was asked in the sports shop by a person selling the equipment: Are you a runner?

– I just appeared red and speechless… What is he asking me about..? I’m not an athlete from the television. Can I actually call myself that? Or maybe only if I do X amount of competition and maybe stand on the podium few times…do I then…but only then I deserve this name….?

…were you ever in that kind of situation? Trying to guess what actually can you say about yourself loving the sport but being…just a normal human…

The truth guys is – no matter if its 1k, 100k or occasional walk jog – we believe you are and you should call yourself “the runner”. Simple reason for this is – you do it! And even more… you do it because you love it… and believe me we all start from exactly the same place, and it’s up to YOU how far you want to take this journey. There is no right or wrong. But definitely and with no doubt you DO NOT have to be on the podium to say I am the runner. No matter how far you go…You are the runner! Absolutely!

And you know what – we really love to see the joy and peace in people’s eyes when they run, when they find their space, when the get the feeling the can do this, when they believe & same time – they achieve!

And who cares if its 100 miles or 1 km, it’s awesome just to do it!!!

So from today guys, no matter if you are occasional jogger, sponthanic “catch the bus” sprinter, mam that get this moments that she just goes wild jogging with the bogie and it feels sooo good, maybe you are only just starting…slowly….maybe even not too regularly yet….YES, YOU ARE THE RUNNER!!! 100%!!! And please be proud to wear that name every day!


Benefits of running:

  • Great humour, endorphins boost

  • Contact with nature, fresh air healthy environment

  • Social aspect/ meeting new friends with the same crazy ideas

  • Head space, meditation in movement

  • Creativity, new ideas, believing in yourself

  • Sense of achievement, reaching the goals

  • Doing something for yourself

  • Getting stronger muscles, bones, ligaments – happy body

  • Me time

  • Burning calories

  • Being able to eat more calories

  • Starting to think of fuelling your body with better quality food

  • Hobby

  • Passion

  • Self-confidence, feeling stronger mentally

  • Healthy hobby

  • You became an example for others

  • Gaining more energy for other tasks of the day

  • Great subject to talk about in work or with friends

  • Super reason to buy new runners and see the first dirt on them done by you

  • Being able to call yourself THE RUNNER:)

  • The way to be! Enjoy everyone! Happy running!!! Fitsmile Team

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